Dr. Matthias Baumann

Dr. Matthias Baumann – Germany

In spring 2014 Dawa Sherpa was my personal Sherpa on a Mount Everest Expedition. Unfortunately we became eye witness of the tragic avalanche in Khumbu icefall. While Dawa helped to rescue the victims in the icefall, I organised the medical treatment of the injured Sherpas in the basecamp. After the expedition I visited all Sherpa families of the victims in Khumbu and Kathmandu and I gave donations. Back in Germany I collected more donations and created sponsorships for the education of the children, who lost their father.

A few hours after the earthquake in 2015 I travelled to Nepal and operated on earthquake victims with broken bones. The avalanche at Mount Everest and the earthquake had a great impact on me. I founded the „Sherpa Nepalhilfe Germany“ (www.sherpanepalhilfe.de)  to support the mountain population of Nepal after natural disasters and mountain accidents. Three schools and a community centre were rebuilt by „Sherpa Nepalhilfe“ after the earthquake. The largest project is the Himalayan Sherpa Hospital in Khumbu, which will open in 2022.

Many thanks to Dawa and Thamersku for their great support