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Dr. Matthias Baumann

Dr. Matthias Baumann – Germany

In spring 2014 Dawa Sherpa was my personal Sherpa on a Mount Everest Expedition. Unfortunately we became eye witness of the tragic avalanche in Khumbu icefall. While Dawa helped to rescue the victims in the icefall, I organised the medical treatment of the injured Sherpas in the basecamp. After the expedition I visited all Sherpa families of the victims in Khumbu and Kathmandu and I gave donations. Back in Germany I collected more donations and created sponsorships for the education…


Jesus Calleja – Spain

Jesus Calleja - a renowned Spanish adventure traveler & Thamserku have been working for more than decades now. We have completed various adventures together including documentary adventurous series of "Desafio Everest" and recently assisted to create a filming episode for their travel & adventure show Planeta Calleja, Zanskar. Working with Jesus Calleja, David Bisbal and the team, we also distributed relief materials at Deplang & Thadi (Dolkha district) to support the quake victims of April & May 2015. The team…


Reinhold Messner – Italy

"This is third time I am working in the Himalayas with Thamserku and I am happy about it. I did a very nice trek on Machapuchare in the western part of Nepal a few years ago. Three years ago the strong experience of doing this Mr. Nicolas film, it was the film of my life, we did mostly in the Himalayas with Thamserku - quite difficult to organize. This time it was really great deal to go on all these…


Dominik Müller

For more than two decades AMICAL ALPIN has been working with Thamserku and the family of Sonam Sherpa. It was always a big pleasure and it was always with lots of Enthusiasm that we shared the growth of both companies for the shake and benefit of our host valued clients.